Hahn City of Orange Golf Championship

Hahn City of Orange Golf Championship

October 3, 4 Men and Women NOW Duntryleague both days


Welcome to the 2021 edition of the Hahn City of Orange Golf Tournament. Due to the state of COVID and lockdowns in NSW and ACT, the 2021 Championship will be played as a 2 day, 36 hole tournament. Sunday 3rd October will be contested at Wentworth and Monday 4th October at Duntryleague. The tournament will include the Orange Interclub Challenge. There will be nor formal presentation at the end due to COVID restrictions however full results will be available on this website.

Orange Interclub Challenge

Wentworth v Duntryleague

The Interclub Challenge will be decided on the average of the best 30 Stableford scores for each club (both days combined). 

The competition should be fierce and it is hoped this turns into a long-standing and coveted title that each club desires to win.

A competition between our two clubs that reflects depth (best 30 scores), includes all handicap levels, includes males and females, and tests versatility to play well at each course on consecutive days is definitely something worth playing for.

Year Winner Average Net Stableford Score / Round
2021 Duntryleague 34.85


Sunday 3rd October
NOW Duntryleague
Monday 4th October
Duntryleague Golf Course

Hahn City of Orange Golf Championship

Past Champions

Male Champions
2021 Peter Mitchell Duntryleague
2020 Not Held
2019 Harry Bolton Royal Canberra
2018 ​Robert Payne Duntryleague
2017 ​Robert Payne Duntryleague
2016 ​Robert Payne Duntryleague
2015 ​James Conran Duntryleague
2014 ​Robert Payne Duntryleague
2013 ​Robert Payne Duntryleague
2012 ​Robert Payne Duntryleague
2011 ​Robert Payne Duntryleague
2010 ​Robert Payne Duntryleague
Female Champions
2021 Sally Kay Duntryleague
2020 Not Held
2019 ​Jan Crichton Killara
2018 ​Jan Crichton Killara
2017 ​Jan Crichton Killara
2016 ​Alison Seib OESC
2015 ​Alison Seib OESC
2014 ​Alison Seib OESC
2013 ​Alison Seib OESC
2012 ​Alison Seib OESC
2011 ​Alison Seib OESC
2010 ​Alison Seib OESC
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